Meet McGraw

Hi, I’m McGraw. Sometimes they call me Mac, Macaroni, Crazy Dog, Baby Sugar Wump, or Mr. MooMooLicious. I’m a strawberry blonde Cairn Terrier/Chihuahua mix (technically called a Toxirn, but mom calls me her Terrihuahua).  I was born on tax day (April 15th) 2015. 

My favorite things include Squirrels, Lizards, Visitors, the Dog Park, my Momo and Papa (mom’s parents), my Fur-Cousins, Breakfast, Dinner, and snuggling my back as tight up against mom’s leg as I can while she’s writing.  Things I do not like include Baths, Wash Your Face, waiting while mom dishes up Breakfast or Dinner, wearing my raincoat, and the dreaded Pedi. 

I get seat-belted into the car, own five beds, think I’m a cow dog, give mom a kiss at the bottom of every push-up during workouts, and have done an award-winning Sit Pretty since I was a (smaller) baby, not to mention Bang You’re Dead, Roll Over, and Look At Me.  I prefer my food warmed.