A little about me…

…well hello there

I’m Susan, and as you may have guessed, I’m the big 5-0! 
This isn’t settling lightly with me, although so far enthusiasm and a general sense of bad-ass-ness are leaving no room for the other, more common emotions usually found at this midpoint in life. So. That’s a nice surprise.

I’ve worked on airplanes in the US Air Force, worked with animals, worked as a nurse, and currently work in healthcare IT (information technology, for non-techy people).  I’ve lived in two countries and a few states, and pocketed a lot of adventures along the way.  I treasure all of them, and I want more more more!  This blog is about making sure that happens, since it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when you work a 9-to-5 and have limited time, energy, budget. 

I do NOT like pina coladas (I’m more of an ale girl). I love art and creating and quirkiness. I’m possibly the biggest fan of dogs there ever was, especially my dog. But all dogs. Travel is what makes me happy and keeps me going – as long as I have my next thing in the works, I can deal with life.

I’m from Texas, currently live in the panhandle of Florida with my fluffy sidekick McGraw, and love nothing more than to explore near and far, try something new, and wiggle out what makes a place special.  The bucket list includes about every spot in the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, small-town USA, and anywhere else I can pack a bag for.

My creative side expresses itself in jewelry-making, writing, photography, and the occasional paint-related incident.  A list of artistic to-do’s includes pottery, multimedia art, fiber bead-making, metalworking, and glass shard art.

I consider it a compliment to be called goofy.