Summertime and the Livin’s Easy: Just Add Water!

Walks by the bay… beach cleanup parties… dinner, drinks, and dancing at the harbor… a day swimming in a friend’s backyard pool, complete with rain showers… concerts on the sound… waverunner adventures… paddleboard races… plans for upcoming island trips (St. Thomas – Florida Keys – Jekyll Island, Georgia – Aruba again)… a quick check of my Adventures! page finds an awful lot of water in my to-do’s… I think it’s fair to say my life revolves around the water. And this liquid-lover wouldn’t have it any other way!

Holiday Isle, looking towards the Marler (Destin) Bridge
Lake Jackson, Florala, Alabama

When I’m not on the water, I’m usually thinking about it and figuring out how/when/where to make my next splash. My sis shares this water-worshipping trait, and whether we had fins and gills in our past lives or just have seawater in our blood, we agree that baby, we were born this way! It’s sheer luck to live where we’re surrounded by waves – bayous, the lake she lives on with her hubby, the Gulf of Mexico, Choctawhatchee Bay, rivers, the sound – and also be just a quick hop to the Caribbean, for those times when we need to satisfy the H2O-hankering for bluer and more tropical than what Florida’s emerald -watered panhandle has to offer.

Summer here is a time to celebrate the cornucopia of coastline, so here’s a photo-look at my recent, not-so-recent, and upcoming water-ventures. Hope it inspires you to slather on some sunscreen and go for a dip, or maybe just relax in your hammock and daydream of la aqua vida!

Beach walk along South Walton County’s stretch of coastline, where we crossed paths with Draper Lake during an “outfall”, or breaching of the sand berm that separates the freshwater lake from the Gulf of Mexico.

These shallow coastal dune lakes appear in only a few places worldwide, including Madagascar, New Zealand, Australia, and here. When an outfall occurs, at times fresh water rushes into the Gulf, as seen here, or at other times saltwater spills into the lakes, creating a brackish, marshy ecosystem home to many species of wildlife including tortoises, birds, alligators, deer, squirrels, foxes, and both freshwater and saltwater fish – not to mention kayakers and paddleboarders!

Believe it or not, these are all in color! Taken early on a quiet, foggy, moody morning in South Walton County.

I had to whittle down what’s here! I’ve got electronic piles of pics from adventures, and the large majority of them catch at least a peek of puddle, a smidge of surf, a bit of beach. But it’s fun to pull them together and whet my whistle in the early summer as prime water-time hits.

For the “what’s next” I mentioned up above, water is of course on the menu! I’m attending a blogging boot camp in Jekyll Island, Georgia in August, followed immediately by a second trip to my One Happy Island of Aruba with friends. This fall, Mac and I will travel with my mom to the Florida Keys to explore for a few days. And then, to top off my salty year, I’ll be visiting St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, in December.

Stay tuned for what’s to come! And I hope your summer is as salty, surf-y, sandy, and sunny as mine aims to be!